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           The Nengto toilet originated in the United States. Later, South Korea and Japan developed rapidly and soon became popular all over the world. 
Most of the smart toilets have added antibacterial design, that is, using nano-silver antibacterial materials in the seat ring,

      bacteria cannot survive and avoid cross infection.Traditional toilets are often connected to water tanks. If they are not used for a long time,
bacteria will breed and endanger the health of their families. At present, the intelligent toilet with no water tank design allows tap water to be directly
supplied to the private washing and flushing system, avoiding the situation of long-term non-use and causing water pollution,
so that private washing and flushing can maintain high-quality water bodies

Smart toilets are more hygienic

 Careful people may find that the toilet does not wash for a few days, and there will be stains inside and out. In fact, there are microorganisms

on the toilet that we cannot see with the naked eye, and there are viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that can easily cause infectious diseases.

The smart toilet has a sterilization function, which has great advantages in preventing bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, constipation and other problems.

Smart toilet is more comfortable

   A general smart toilet combines functions such as heating the toilet seat, washing with warm water,

and massage to provide a better body cleaning effect and a comfortable cleaning experience. 

The dual nozzle design provides hip cleansing and feminine cleansing in place; the pulse rinse mode can enjoy SPA massage effects.

Smart toilet is more convenient


        The plastic paper basket in the bathroom will greatly increase the speed of bacterial reproduction if it is not cleaned in time.The smart toilet can be automatically cleaned

and dried after "convenient", without the need to wipe with toilet paper,effectively solving

the hygiene problems caused by toilet paper and paper basket . In this way, not only the warm water is automatically sprayed and rinsed after "convenience",

and warm air drying is performed, and even toilet paper andpaper baskets can be discarded.

Are you looking for a relaxing and enjoyable toilet experience? MOPO offers various super smart and multi-functional Bidet Toilets

with advanced technology and personalized features.

Your toilet experience could be personalized by adjusting the water and seat temperature, water pressure and spay positions via a side control or touch-screen remote.

How amazing it is!One day in future, you might wonder how you lived without one who knows you the best.

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