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China MOPO Smart Toilet

The mopo smart toilet is a combination of the best features of a conventional high-quality ceramic toilet with the innovations of an advanced technology. With such decadent features as adjustable heated seating, LED night light warm flowing water, air drying and much more, comfort has never been so easily customizable.

Focus makes Professional
MOPO has been focusing on smart toilet and seat cover since 2005, bringing healthy and decent life to different users by improving products.


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Smart toilet seats have so many functions that they come with their own remote control. As well as the bidet cleaning function, they can also have the following:

intelligent toilets heated seat

heated seat

The intelligent toilets seat will already be heated to your pre-selected setting. As you sit down, the seat will remember your personalized settings, thanks to the seat


LED night light

Say goodbye to stubbed toes and painfully bright lights. A cool blue nightlight illuminates your toilet bowl, lighting your way to the toilet.


Temperature adjustment

Water, Air dryer and toilet seat temperatures are adjustable to three different levels. Hybrid heating technology offers continuous warm water during your entire experience. Air dryer feature dries your bottom for a refreshing finish after the wash. In the cold winter, the heated seat makes you unafraid to go to the toilet.


Cleaning mode

As well as the standard rear cleanse, bidet seats also come with a front – or female – cleanse. The nozzle positions are completely adjustable using the remote control, and the water temperature and pressure are also adjustable.


Air dryer

After cleaning yourself with water, it’s only natural that you’ll want to dry yourself, and the smart bidet seat can help you there as well. On the remote control is a dryer function, and again, there are multiple temperature levels that can be set for your comfort.


Automated cleaning functions

Because no one wants to get in amongst their toilet seat, bidet seats have automated cleaning functions to keep your nozzles from getting blocked up. Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh after every use.


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