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Small factory closures, brand goes abroad bathroom products

time2018-08-23 14:50
This year's environmental storm swept through the traditional manufacturing industry, Taowei Industrial Zone can be said to be the first to bear the brunt of the storm, friends on the spread of a factory shutdown news: Guangdong Province within a month ordered to rectify 5489 enterprises, 1,608 enterprises on file for punishment, a proposed fine of 93,599,000 yuan, 156 people in criminal detention, 480 people accountable. The production equipment of a sanitary ware factory in Changge, Henan was demolished in 45 seconds.
The alarming figures make people feel sad. Many visitors feel that the factory directors can remember clearly by ordering rectification. Why do they have to use such extreme violence as "punishment, rectification"? Is it necessary to destroy small businesses and let big brands occupy market share? Although looking at this cruel number, it is unavoidable to give people sympathy, but think about it, unqualified, irregular small workshop produced inferior bathroom products, still in circulation in the market, earning black-hearted money, endangering the safety of the user's bath, you will understand this policy of stringent grasp.
Men's sale at the conference to buy smart toilet for two times is still inferior products.
The so-called "smart toilet" was bought back from the exhibition for thousands of yuan, and then returned and replaced again and again. It still can't be used properly. There must be more than one deceived consumer in the article, Mr. Huang.
A large number of sanitary enterprises in Foshan stopped production and sealed up environmental protection, resulting in soaring prices of products.
Foshan, as the leading large-scale ceramic and sanitary area in China, has nurtured numerous large-scale sanitary brands like thunder through the ear, while also feeding many small sanitary factory. It is said that "every bird has a big forest." Foshan city's bathroom enterprises are dense, and it is inevitable to breed industry moths. In order to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, and the image of "Foshan bathroom", the Foshan government took the opportunity of environmental rectification, to the city's unqualified bathroom factory to a "big cleaning".
Foshan has introduced ten policies to reduce the amount of subsidies for sanitary bathing enterprises by over 3 million.
Foshan cleaning and rectification, not for small enterprises, but for "dirty mess bad" and "shanzhai" enterprises, small brands do not need to be cautious, grass and trees are all soldiers. Enterprises with bad performance are banned and rectified. Children who perform well must naturally have rewards. In order to lighten the burden of enterprises and reduce production costs, Foshan issued a "Buddhist Ten" policy. In the first half of the year alone, the government subsidized the bathroom enterprises for more than 3 million yuan!
The bright younger generation! Three or four tier cities in the first half of the hardcover bathroom main battlefield
Brand is not necessarily a symbol of good quality, international brands will also appear flaws; small brands are not a substitute for poor quality, quality speaking enterprises, regardless of their production scale, are respected "bathroom man". The bathroom market is not yet saturated, brand concentration is not very high, especially in the direction of intelligent bathroom bright prospects, many cross-border enterprises into the bathroom industry, but also from scratch. Now that we are committed to R & D and quality building, small brands can also have a big future.
Products that win by quality can be recognized by consumers in any market. "Brand integrity is valuable, quality price is higher"! When the domestic bathroom products go abroad, the foreign market can not understand the Chinese brand, quality is the only standard to test a good product. Taizhou bathroom manufacturer by virtue of exquisite craftsmanship, top quality, the home-made smart toilet sold to the United States, a shame, face once went to Japan to rush to buy toilets, show the demeanor of domestic!
Environmental rectification is for the manufacturing industry to have a longer-term future, we want to "Jinshan Yinshan, but also green mountains and rivers." Guangdong Province and the major industrial areas to carry out strict environmental supervision policies, in a short time can not be presented to the public effect, but in the future we will walk in a more blue sky.
Enterprises with backward technology and serious pollution need to be banned regardless of their size. Because a company without a sense of social responsibility, will not pay attention to consumer experience, they just want to fish in muddy water, take advantage of the hot bathroom market and make a profit. The government and the consumer will affirm and reward enterprises with excellent products, active innovation and reform, and willing to assume social responsibility.
Bathroom is the closest part of home life, with the quality of competition, with sincere manufacturing, always forgetting the humanistic care, is the long-term operation of the bathroom market!
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