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Chian smart toilet manufacturers and suppliers

time2020-10-13 17:16

In the United States, the popularity of smart toilets is increasing, but what is a smart toilet? Do you really need to spend more than $1,000 to buy a good toilet? In our latest product, we will answer all your questions about smart toilets and whether they are worthwhile.

What is a smart toilet?

The term “smart toilet” is actually a bit misleading, because it is usually not the toilet itself that is smart, but actually the toilet seat. So, what makes the toilet seat smart? For those who have been to Japan or have been to Japan, you may already be familiar with the main concepts of smart toilet seats or bidet seats. If you are not, please continue reading.

Bidet-style smart toilet seats have been used in Japan for many years and are considered to be the most hygienic way to clean after using the toilet. Just like a freestanding bidet, the smart toilet seat will spray water to clean you. Although this may seem strange to us Brits, it actually makes more sense if you think about it. Imagine; you have something unpleasant in your hands-what do you do? You don’t just wipe it with paper, do you? Instead of flushing it out, it is based on this concept that the smart toilet was created.

What else can the smart toilet seat do?


The smart toilet seat has many functions, so it comes with its own remote control. In addition to the bidet cleaning function, they can also have the following functions:

  • Heated seat-when sitting on the toilet seat for the first time, do you feel annoying when it is cold in the morning? Many smart toilet seats are heated, so the discomfort this morning is completely eliminated.


  • Night light-if you wake up at night and need the bathroom, usually you either fumble to the bathroom or turn on the headlight, and then it is possible to wake up other people in the house, or wake yourself up. There are so many things that you will not be able to fall asleep later. Some smart toilet lids have night lights that can guide you to the toilet without turning on other lights.


  • Front and rear cleaning mode-In addition to the standard rear cleaning function, the bidet seat also provides a front cleaning or female cleaning function. The position of the nozzle can be fully adjusted using the remote control, and the water temperature and pressure can also be adjusted.


  • Air dryer-After washing yourself with water, you will naturally dry yourself, and the smart bidet seat can also help you. The remote control has a dryer function. In addition, you can set multiple temperature levels to ensure your comfort.


  • Deodorant-keep your bathroom fresh after every use.


  • Automatic cleaning function-Since no one wants to enter the toilet seat, the bidet seat has an automatic cleaning function to prevent nozzle clogging.


  • Energy-saving mode-you will not use the toilet all the time, so like a TV or computer, the smart toilet seat also has an energy-saving mode, which is activated when not in use.

Now that we have understood the various functions that smart toilets can provide, take a look at the extraordinary toilets we provide!

Buy a Smart Toilet: Upgrade Your Bathroom

While it’s true that a smart toilet is a big investment, it’s one that will fully overhaul your bathroom. In addition to bringing you dozens of comfortable and hygienic features, a good smart toilet will also make your bathroom into a luxurious escape Find the Best Bidet Toilet for Your Bathroom>>

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