How to choose a bidet?

When buying a bidet, it depends on the material of the bidet.
If the bathtub is made of low-quality plastic, it will not work.
This material will soften when it encounters hot water and
may emit harmful substances. The best material for the bidet
is ABS engineering plastic, which can withstand high temperature
and pressure, is not easy to deform, and feels very smooth.
If you are a young person, you can choose a bidet that is fashionable,
functional and beautiful. If it is used by the elderly, it is more inclined
to buy a bidet made of simple and practical materials.
At the same time, if it is used by the elderly, it is best to choose a
heating or a constant temperature function.

Secondly, we must consider the quality of the bidet, including
the safety of the product, whether the service is good,
whether there is quality assurance, etc., these are all important.
This is because only formal manufacturers will have these procedures.
Products with No name, No address, No production and sanitation
license code basically do not have these guarantees.
It is best not to buy such products because they are not guaranteed.

How to use the bidet

The purpose of the bidet is to help consumers clean up after going to the toilet.
Put the bidet on the toilet or on the bathing stool, and then sit on the bidet
and use water to clean the parts that consumers need to clean.
Many bidets are equipped with a towel to dry the lower body or to wipe your hands.
Sometimes it can also be used to dry the water splashing around
the basin after washing the basin. After using the bidet,
rinse with clean water to keep the bidet clean.
The bidet has electronic control or a controlled switch.
If some bidets are not electronically controlled, they are manually foamed.
The bidet can be used to clean the anus, and can also be provided
for women to clean the lower body.
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Bidet function

The basin body of the bidet is equipped with a basin seat.
The seat surface of the basin seat is two parallel semicircles.
There are supporting legs between the seat surface and the
bottom of the basin,and between the basin seat and the basin body.
The spaces are interconnected.
Since there is a basin seat in the bidet, when the basin
body is full of water, the basin seat is immersed in the water.
When you sit in the basin again, you can avoid the
inconvenience caused by the long squatting of the bather.
You can also keep the time of sitting in the bath,
which is very convenient especially for the elderly
or bathers with poor health.
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At the same time, the structure of the bidet is also very simple and practical.
The bidet can also maintain the water temperature, ensure and extend
the time and temperature of the bidet, especially for patients
who use medicine to treat the bidet. This effect can improve the
effect of the bidet treatment. This effect can achieve both hygiene
and prevention of lower body inflammation, and can reduce
the incidence of lower body diseases. For those patients with
hemorrhoids, long-term sitz bathing can relieve the pain
of hemorrhoids and relieve symptoms. Regular bathing
for pregnant women can relieve hemorrhoids
and avoid crushing the fetus.

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