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Is it smart to use a smart toilet? You have to try a smart t

time:2018-08-23 14:41
A long time ago, the craze for smart toilets has not stopped, and now it is getting more and more fierce. As a dark horse in the smart bathroom panel, it has been favored by consumers, which not only enhances the intelligence of bathroom space, but also gives Our toilet life also brings a higher level of comfort, but friends who have not touched the smart toilet are not very clear about its role. What makes people so high on it? In the end, smart toilets are not good. In fact, the answers to these questions can be found on the Rongshida smart toilet.

Studies have long shown that wiping with paper towels after going to the toilet is a very unclean behavior, sometimes causing infection or aggravating the disease, and the basic flushing function of the smart toilet can completely resist these bacteria.

Mopo smart toilet for the consumer's more intimate experience, even the basic flushing mode is also intimate with the public's sense of use, equipped with different cleaning modes such as buttock cleaning, female cleaning, mobile cleaning and moisturizing cleaning, to meet any type of consumer The cleaning needs, especially the female cleaning mode, allow women to feel comfortable even during physiological periods.

For those who pursue a high quality of life, cleanliness and health are definitely the first elements. However, in the case of the traditional toilet that we can't see with the naked eye, there will be many microbes and bacteria. These bacteria can cause infectious diseases. Viruses or parasites can damage our health invisibly, but the antibacterial function of the mopo smart toilet has great advantages in this respect. Its material can resist bacterial damage and help people keep their buttocks clean.


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