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Exquisite Kitchen Sink 2

time:2019-08-16 11:37
Dear all customers and friends,
Let’s keep on introducing our excellent kitchen sinks to you all and hope you would love it. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email supposed you have any comment on it.
Follow me to have a good look at the sinks.

Product images:




All of the pictures above are taken from the real sinks with very high reliability. Seeing from the pictures, the details tell the excellent quality of our sinks made of 304# stainless steel which is anticorrosion and antioxidant, with high hardness and never fade in color. All our sinks are using 3mm thick stainless steel and the height of bowl is 250mm while the others are 200mm to 220mm high, therefore our sinks contain more water than others.
Anyone interested in our sinks are warmly welcome to email us or call us anytime.


Best regards,

MOPO Export Team

Aug 16 2019

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